How it started

As an outgrowth of the family-owned wine and delicatessen business in Tilburg, Joop van de Kant founded a wine company in 1964; originally under the name of De Wijnhal NV. Ten years on, the company has been re-christened Jean Arnaud Wijncom. BV. The name Jean Arnaud stems from the family tradition of naming the oldest son in the family after his grandfather. Hence, from the names Johannes and Arnoldus, the French-sounding name of Jean Arnaud was derived.

In 1973 approximately 40 independent wine and delicatessen businesses associated in purchasing union decided to trust their entire wine-import and wine-promotion activities to Jean Arnaud BV. This turned out to be  a successful and fruitful partnership.

Since 1978, the wines of Jean Arnaud can increasingly be found stocked in the aisles of Dutch supermarkets. That year the supermarket concern Sperwer National chose to sell Jean Arnaud French and Spanish wines. Momentarily, retail chains such as PLUS, Spar, MCD, DirckIII and Poiesz  purchase a range of our wines from both classic and new wine-producing countries.

In 1985, Jean Arnaud decided to bring its high-quality wines directly to the attention of the Dutch gastronomic community. Since that time, Jean Arnaud wines have graced the wine lists of numerous restaurants in the Netherlands, from cafe eateries to classy restaurants.

Jean Arnaud has always stood for renewal: at the time, we were one of the first to bring the Beaujolais Primeur to the Netherlands. At a much later date, we introduced wines from Moldova and Chile to the Netherlands.

Since the founding of the company, Jean Arnaud has traded up to a larger office space twice, finally ending up in the current location at Orionstraat 30 in Tilburg. Here, Joop van de Kant saw a chance not only to house the wine company, but also to establish the wine museum Maison du Vin. From 1983 to 2001 several thousand interested parties have experienced the ambiance of this educational and unique French village street built from authentic materials.