Our mission

Careful purchasing is the basis for successful sales.

Today’s wine enthusiast is quite well informed on the subject! Quite justifiably, critical consumers are continually weighing the quality on offer against the asking price. Keeping this in mind, Jean Arnaud wine purchasers are frequently put to the test. That is why we employ an active purchasing policy that includes reading, travel, attending expos, entertaining tenders, making comparisons and listening to consumers. It is a continual process of searching, deliberating and deciding. Because in the end, our wines will be judged by those individuals we do it all for: the wine enthusiasts. His or her judgement alone determines the success of our strict selection process.

Once the purchasing is complete, a careful process of transport, storage and distribution to our clients follows; all part of a meticulous set of procedures worked out with our regular logistical partner. The wines are stored in a well-maintained and acclimatised warehouse. The entire logistical trajectory has a high level of automation. Not so romantic, but absolutely necessary to insure excellent service to our group of clients. We feel that correct and timely delivery of our wines to various points of sale should go without saying.

The philosophy of Jean Arnaud is partnership. Partnership with clients, but also partnership with wine producers. We have built up a close partnership with nearly all of our wine suppliers. A number of them have been doing business with Jean Arnaud since the founding about 45 years ago.

Our credo:
A wine selected by us must be the best in a tasting of comparable wines, but must not be the most expensive!