Jean Arnaud holds IFS Broker certification

As a wine importer Jean Arnaud plays an integral element in bringing producers and retailers together. IFS Broker was created to ensure the safety and quality of products filling the gap between production and distribution. Trading partners expect brokers, agents, and importers to communicate their product requirements to producers and that these specifications will be understood and implemented.

The standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Brokers, agents, and importers must also monitor their supplier’s compliance with these issues so that supplied products meet regulatory and contractual specifications.

External Control – Added Value

IFS Broker audits are carried out by qualified auditors of independent accredited and approved certification bodies. The standard includes the following topics:

  • senior management responsibility
  • quality and product safety management system
  • resource management
  • planning and services process
  • measurements, analysis, improvements
  • product defense

IFS certification can offer a number of key benefits to companies striving for excellence in quality, food safety and customer satisfaction, and seeking a competitive advantage in their market place. View our certification.

Jean Arnaud is proud to be an IFS Broker certified company!